Network Cabling

Structured Network Cabling

Is your company looking to upgrade its IT infrastructure? Green Communications is a licensed Low Voltage Contractor specialized in:

  • Campus Networks

  • Office Building Networks

  • Retail Stores and Outlets

  • Warehouse Networks

  • Hotels & Hospitality

  • Wi-Fi Deployments

  • Housing Developments

Low Voltage Installations

  • Voice/Data Cabling

  • CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, Fiber Optic Cable, Coax

  • Installation of communication racks, cabinets and patch panels

  • Cable certification and compliance testing

  • Audio/Video

  • Site Surveys

  • Demarc Extension

  • Wiring Closet Clean-up - Messy Cables

  • Installation of Switches and Routers

  • Project management services

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