Wi-Fi Design

Wi-Fi Design

Whether you are at home or the office, there are radio waves all around that can degrade the quality of your Wi-Fi connection. Neighboring homes or offices using Wi-Fi or other wireless devices can inadvertently affect your network. Let us help you design your network and tune it specific to the environment. Green Communications can perform a onsite wireless site survey of your location to determine the proper Wi-Fi Access Point placement, Channel allocation and Power allocation. Let us fine tune your network and provide you with a visual snapshot of your Wi-Fi network.

Green Communications can help you design and deploy wireless technology for your building or campus. Our consultants have extensive expertise and experience in wireless technologies and have designed wireless applications across a broad spectrum of industries and environments.

Wi-Fi Campus Design

Predictive Survey Analysis

Onsite Wi-Fi Site Survey

Wi-Fi Network Installation

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues

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